Looking to expand your footprints in Indian Market?

Indian Economy is buzzing and witnessing a growth trajectory which no other global economy is able to compete with and in the current scenario, exclusive partnership with us seems like an ideal way for international giants to enter the Indian market since we as a local player has a better understanding of everything from current market to sourcing to real-estate and pricing.

Under the exclusive partnership, Wayinia as a local partner will be responsible for larger business strategy and operations, marketing and monetization for International companies to strengthen its reach in the Indian market.

Here's why you should opt us for exclusive Partnership:

  • Drive Brand Awareness

    Global partner do bring in great products and services, capital, and domain expertise, but often lack the brand awareness as well as distribution and local regulatory relationships, all of which are important to navigate and succeed in the complex Indian market.

    We at Wayinia ensures that you will spent more money on market your product and Brand awareness rather than setting up infrastructure & other local regulatory necessities.

  • Test the waters without exposing themselves to significant risk.

    Trying to fit a global business model in the Indian context may not yield the desired results and may even prove to be counterproductive, as India offers a very diverse consumer base with unique requirements so Wayinia will formulate a business plan as per the local market

  • Adapt to the Indian Consumer’s Demand

    Gaining access to Indian markets requires an intense and concerted effort. We at Wayinia help Global companies to make a commitment to the Indian operation and to localize and empower it to establish a successful business in India.